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Jackson County Economic Development Foundation Endorses Sale of Singing River

By August 23, 2022No Comments

The Jackson County Economic Development Foundation has determined the sale of the Singing River Health System is in the best economic development interest of the community. As such, it endorses the sale of the health system to a like-minded healthcare system with a fully integrated model. The JCEDF Board of Directors is convinced a sale of the system will help ensure a growing economy with continued job growth, capital investment, and the best possible healthcare delivery to our community for generations to come.

Jackson County is fortunate to have an award-winning nationally recognized health care delivery system. Singing River Health System has been an integral part of our local economy for over 80 years. Maintaining that extraordinary level of quality health care delivery is of specific concern to our economic development interests. This is not about a partner who can necessarily pay the most – It’s about which prospective partner can best align with an existing quality health care system to guarantee long term, sustainable, quality, affordable health care.

The cost and quality of healthcare is of paramount concern to companies considering expanding or relocating to an area and is routinely included as a site location factor. When choosing a new location for expansion, a community’s healthcare services are always considered.

This community’s ability to deliver consistent, quality health care is critical to our continued economic development success. The level of access to and the quality of health care determines individual wellness and, in turn, the economic well-being of a community. It impacts not only productivity, but our quality of life needed to support workers and impacts our ability to attract and grow companies and entrepreneurs.
We are convinced a sale of the system is essential to obtaining needed capital investments necessary to assure continued delivery of quality, affordable health care for Jackson County. The health of business, industry and our economy are inextricably connected to the sustained health of our health care delivery system. We simply cannot have one without the other.

The impact of quality health care delivery on our local economy goes well beyond jobs, wages, and direct economic inputs and outputs. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that both physical and mental health are paramount to a workforce’s success.

Successful economies like ours require the availability of high quality, affordable health care. A sale of the system will position the community to provide the critical healthcare infrastructure every company expects and will help ensure a vibrant economy and the best possible future of healthcare for the residents of Jackson County.

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