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Memo to Jackson County BOS from Singing River Leadership: RFP Criteria Considerations

By September 9, 2022September 12th, 2022No Comments

TO: Jackson County Board of Supervisors 

FROM: Tiffany Murdock, CEO, Singing River Health System and Senior Leadership Team 

DATE: Friday, September 9, 2022 

RE: RFP Criteria Considerations 

Thank you for your careful attention to the process of securing the best healthcare future for Singing River Health System and our community. As you launch the next steps in this process, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you to develop the RFP. 

Based on recent qualitative research conducted by a third-party organization of a segment of registered voters in Jackson County, respondents clearly understand the weight of this decision and do not take lightly the impact this change could have on our community. Individuals surveyed focus more on how the quality of care would be impacted by the sale and less on the financials of the decision. They want to know that a high-quality, like-minded partner will provide the best care to the community for the long term. 

As the Board of Supervisors engages with Raymond James to begin the next steps in this process, including the development of an RFP, the Singing River Senior leadership team asks the BOS to consider including the following attributes of a like-minded partner in the RFP: 

1. Pays off or assumes the pension and bond debt estimated $100 Million 

2. Commits to retain all Singing River employees in good standing, retain years of service, total wages, and accrued PTO/Paid Time Off, EIA, and offer similar or competitive benefits – Competitive comp and benefits – $10 Million 

3. A health system that would keep local care local to ensure when high-end patient care transfers are needed for our community that they do not have to go outside a 100-mile radius 

4. Ensures the partner is a like-minded partner that aligns with Singing River’s current mission and values, including not-for-profit status that puts people and our community first. Indigent Care – $10 Million/ annually 

5. Meets specific financial metrics including $2 billion in annual revenue, with proven long-term viability 

6. Maintains, as well as expands, access to existing service lines in Jackson and Harrison counties Cancer Service Growth- $20 Million 

7. Commits to being a capital partner for up to 10 years to ensure we are supporting capital expenditures with a target of $30 Million annually for 10 years

8. Maintains our EMR on the Epic platform, an investment Singing River has already made of $40 million, to ensure continuity of care among all facilities without disruption to patients and their providers; needs to be an Epic platform to continue safe continuity of care 

9. Establishes a trust that invests the proceeds of the health system sale that will directly benefit the health and wellbeing of the residents of Jackson County cared for by Singing River Health System in the amount of $10 Million in Behavioral Health care for the community 

10. Commits to growing apprenticeship opportunities and is an accredited provider of graduate medical education, training future clinicians for our region 

We are looking for a partner who can continue to support our growth and help us keep care local. We have a vision for our community to not only meet the needs of residents here at home but to expand healthcare services – and we are looking for a like-minded partner who will support this vision. We as a Senior leadership team do not want to see an entity that merely intends to purchase this health system as a defensive move to ensure their other locations are unharmed. 

Thank you for your commitment to finding the best long-term solution for a potential partner for Singing River. We look forward to continuing to work with you on this journey together.